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Discussion with the city at Flottweg under exceptional conditions

On the occasion of the annual meeting, the newly elected Mayor of Vilsbiburg, Sibylle Entwistle, visited the offices of Flottweg SE together with city representatives. Together we looked back on the past business year, discussed the current handling of the corona situation and presented current projects.


Successful previous business year

Flottweg intends to be one of the top 3 manufacturers of separation technology worldwide. This is stated in the company's strategy paper 2025. This is an ambitious goal, since one competes with large publicly listed corporations. However, the figures from last year show that Flottweg is on the right track. Another company record was achieved with incoming orders exceeding 237 million euros. Revenue of just under 230 million is currently also fully in line with the target. The high order backlog is also the reason why the company has so far robustly weathered the current corona pandemic.


Virus prevention in all departments

In order to counter the effects of the corona virus and to mitigate damage to employees and company as effectively as possible, two task forces were set up very early on.

The primary objective of Task Force 1 is to protect the workforce. At Flottweg, the Corona Task Force consists of representatives of the Management Board, Occupational Health and Safety, Human Resources, Risk Management, Travel Department, Works Council and an Assistant.

Far-reaching measures have been implemented in the meantime, such as the wearing of masks inside the building and the widespread use of home offices or the use of web conferences.

The second task force deals with the economic consequences. Numerous security measures have been taken to counteract a potential collapse of business. Among other things, short-time working was introduced, vacation backlogs and overtime were reduced, and expenditure was scrutinized throughout the company. These measures serve primarily to safeguard all jobs at Flottweg SE.


New technologies for further growth

Flottweg is an internationally active company with an export quota of over 85%. Last year Flottweg machines and equipment were sold in 114 countries. The company is investing heavily in new developments to ensure that the interest in its products remains high.

The new Xelletor waste water centrifuge received several awards last year and has been excellently accepted by the market. Further developments such as an improved disk centrifuge, also known as a separator, are about to enter the market. These machines are used for example in the beverage industry.

Flottweg is a worldwide market leader in the starch industry and as such has introduced a new product to the industry, a  nozzle separator.


Construction work on the new plant is progressing well

The construction work on the new Flottweg Plant 2 in Baumgartenstraße in Vilsbiburg continues unimpeded. Flottweg' s Production Director, Karl-Heinz Grebisz, reported that the new facility is scheduled to begin industrialization in January 2021 and that the plant will be commissioned in March 2021. At present, final facade work is being completed on the approximately 55,000 m² arial and the interior work is progressing.


In the long term, Plant 2 will double Flottweg's production capacity.

The city delegation headed by Mayor Sibylle Entwistle with Sebastian Stelzer, Günter Felkel and Georg Strasser was impressed by the developments of the past years. Already in one of her first statements, Entwistle emphasized the importance of cooperation between city and industry: „We are partners - I will continue to work to ensure that this will continue to be the case.

Picture legend: Despite a greater physical distance between the city and the world of business, the city and the industry are drawing closer together these days. 





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