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From student trainee to new colleague

Studying during employment is a win-win situation for the company as well as the students. The company grows its own young talent, so to speak, and binds the highly sought-after specialists to itself, while the students, who would normally be temporarily employed anyway, can work in their focus area and already receive their first salary as students. At the end of the dual study program, the students not only have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in their pockets, but also a lot of practical work experience. And then nothing stands in the way of a brilliant career.


Ramon Sharifi began his dual master’s degree in electrical engineering at Landshut University in autumn 2019. “I decided to study Electrical Engineering and Information Technology because it reflects the foundations of today’s technological world. You learn how so many technical things work in everyday life, such as antennas, mobile phones, communication technology, etc. In addition, the profession is in great demand internationally.”

Ramon Sharifi is the first dual-system student at Flottweg. A model that is to be continued in the future. Not only has Ramon completed his master’s degree in the meantime, he has also been able to make a valuable contribution to his department. It was therefore only logical that he became a permanent member of Flottweg SE’s workforce at the beginning of May. In his new role in the Automation Technology Department, Sharifi will be employed in the test team:

“I am given projects whose programs I can adapt and test with the respective control cabinet. Afterwards, I can commission the machine or system on site at the customer’s facility – which is a very interesting and exciting job, as you get around in the world and don’t sit in the office all day long.”

Ramon Sharifi is already looking forward to this new phase of his life and would certainly decide in favor of the dual study program again: “In my opinion, the dual study program makes a lot of sense, as you start your career gradually while studying and get to experience many different situations within the company. This makes it a win-win for both students and the company. The student has a very good chance of getting a permanent job immediately and the company has secured a qualified employee. I would definitely do it all over again.”


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