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Promoting young talent: Flottweg supports Germany Scholarship

As part of the Germany Scholarship Programme 2022, Flottweg SE from Vilsbiburg will continue to support five students attending the OTH Regensburg, the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences, and the Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences. The coveted grant helps outstanding students financially for one year with 300 euros per month. Here, 150 euros are con-tributed by Flottweg as a sponsor and 150 euros by the federal government.


Scholarship recipients’ meeting at Flottweg
The primary objective of the Germany Scholarship meeting is to establish personal contact between the students and the companies: This meeting took place on Friday, 04.03.2022 in Flottweg's new Plant 2. It was attended by the four scholarship holders Maria Huber, Andreas Obermeier, Tobias Gangr, and Lukas Koller. The students were given an insight into the working world at Flottweg as well as an introduction to the field of mechanical separation solutions. They each became acquainted with the different departments, with due consideration of their courses of study. In the opinion of Eva-Maria Gedeck, Head of Human Resources at Flottweg, the event was a complete success: "It is important to us to establish personal contact with our scholarship recipi-ents and to really get to know them. This is because the Germany Scholarship offers students a personalized insight into working life at Flottweg."

The Germany Scholarship at Flottweg: A combination of studies and practical experience
Flottweg has been a supporter of the German scholarship for several years. Moritz Huber was sponsored by Flottweg as part of the Germany Scholarship in 2019 and is currently working on his master's degree in automation technology: "For me personally, the Germany Scholarship was far more than just financial support during my studies. Simultaneously, it was a chance to make direct contact with an interesting company in my field. From my point of view, I can say that the Germany Scholarship was the starting signal for me to successfully study at and with Flottweg." The personal encounters during the scholarship holders' meeting also had an impact on Moritz Huber: "On the scholarship day itself, I was immediately impressed by the openness of the staff and Flottweg's very modern infrastructure. I then completed my practical semester and my bachelor's thesis in Flottweg's automation department and am now still a dual student with Flottweg pursuing my master's degree."

Image: Getting to know each other personally on Scholarship Holders' Day at Flottweg: (from left to right) Eva-Maria Gedeck (FW), Moritz Huber (FW), Barbara Steinberger (FW), Lukas Koller, An-dreas Obermeier, Tobias Gänger, Maria Huber and Matthias Gaube (FW). Photo by Erika Steiger / Flottweg

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