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Great voluntary effort made by the Flottweg family

"Character shows itself in crisis," said Helmut Schmidt, Hamburg's then young Senator of the Interior, as he dealt with the consequences of the severe storm flood of 1962. This quotation fits like no other to the present situation, in which many people are fighting for their health and economic existence.


In the past days and weeks also a number of Flottweg colleagues have shown character. Many people in the region could be helped by their voluntary activities.

The Vilsbiburg fire department, with the support of many "Flottwegler", organized the distribution of protective masks to institutions in need of help. These included retirement and nursing homes and hospitals.

Many of our colleagues were also active in the production of masks. As you can see, with thoroughly patriotic influences.

Since the virus infection is propagated through the spreading of airborne droplets, the use of visors makes sense because the spread of the virus can be slowed. The "Flottwegler" also were also active here. Fasteners for the visors were printed quickly and unbureaucratically using 3D printers. These in turn were handed over to the fire department, where the fasteners were assembled and then distributed to hospitals in the region.

To reduce costs, Flottweg ordered large containers of disinfectants. Small bottles were then filled from these containers in the Flottweg laboratory. Thanks to this initiative, Flottweg is also able to maintain its high hygiene standards throughout the entire premises.




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