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Bavarian state competition "Jugend Forscht" takes place online

Flottweg SE is the sponsor company of the Bavarian state competition of Jugend forscht, which will take place from March 28 to 30, 2022 as an online event. After the 2021 competition for young researchers, which was held virtually rather than in person, the decision was made this year to also stage Jugend forscht as an online event: “Due to the infection situation and the increasing number of cases at the beginning of the year, we ultimately decided to take this approach," explains Sven Bedö, Marketing Manager at Flottweg and sponsor representative of Jugend forscht. "We wanted to make sure that all young researchers could take part in the competition and that everyone could present their own project. We absolutely must and wanted to guarantee this. After all, the young people have put a lot of creativity, inventiveness and a lot of work into their concepts."


Together with Dr. Christl, state competition director of Jugend forscht Bayern, Flottweg SE therefore decided on a purely digital concept. Dr. Christl is already looking forward to the young talent competition: "After the first review of the projects, I am thrilled. It is impressive what the young people have achieved and can present to the jury and visitors at the state competition. Beyond the presentation of the projects, I am very pleased that Flottweg SE is facilitating an attractive supporting program with interesting insights and discussions, during which the participants will get to know each other and will be able to network. We will experience an interesting and exciting state competition."


Jugend Forscht in Vilsbiburg

Although Jugend forscht is organized as an online event, Sibylle Entwistle, First Mayor of the town of Vilsbiburg, is particularly pleased about the local aspect of the competition for up-and-coming young researchers: "I am extremely pleased that the state competition Jugend forscht is organized by Flottweg, a local company. Introducing students to exciting areas of knowledge in STEM disciplines is a valuable first exposure to a work environment and creates bonds. Therefore, I look forward to an array of exciting projects from our up-and-coming talent".


The jury for the state competition has been determined

Following local competitions throughout Bavaria, which took place until the end of February, the young researchers are to present their innovative and imaginative projects on the topic of "Random Genius" to a jury from science, industry and technology within the state competition. Moritz Kronseder Mapeli, IT manager at Flottweg and a judge at Jugend forscht, is particularly looking forward to the competition for next-generation researchers: "Jugend forscht is a unique format: This is where the young researchers can enter into lively exchanges with science and business while at the same time expressing their enthusiasm for technology. As a juror, I am particularly excited to experience firsthand the approach and mindset of the next generations."




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