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The winners have been announced: State competition Jugend forscht ceremoniously concluded

From April 10 to 12, the state competition Jugend forscht took place in Vilsbiburg and Landshut with Flottweg as the state sponsor. This year's winners of the STEM competition have now been announced and have qualified for the national competition in May: At the award ceremony in the Rathausprunksaal in Landshut, the 14 winners were presented with their prizes by the presenter duo Malte Arkona and Julia Fleischer. A total of 88 young talents with 60 projects from seven subject areas took part in this year's state competition in Vilsbiburg. 

Winning projects show a great variety again this year

In the working world category, the moderator duo even presented two first prizes: Dominik Limmer (21) impressed the expert jury with his trainee project "E-modulus determination - using string and a headset to determine the E-modulus", as did Valentin Schwer (18) with his research on the topic "Can you determine the degree of grinding of a coffee bean using its density?". In the biology department, Jonas Baumann (17) was honored with his topic "Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) and the use of its leaves". The project "Wanted! On the hunt for free radicals with a blue light reaction" by Elisabeth Fischermann (15) and Tom Kreßbach (16) was very well received by the chemistry jury. Jule Graß (19) was awarded first place in the geosciences and spatial sciences category with her research idea on "The relationship between forest ownership form and deadwood volume - an inventory". Finn Rudolph (18) was chosen as the state winner in the mathematics and computer science category with his research on "Parameterization of Pollard's Rho method". First place in the physics category went to Anton Bernotat (17), Julia Mühlbacher (17) and Lena Keil (16) for their research on "Orbital deflection of rolling magnetic spheres by the Earth's magnetic field - Part II". The technology jury was impressed by the topic "Innovative development of an environmentally friendly VTOL aircraft model" by Ediz Osman (19). The special prize from the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs for the best interdisciplinary project went to the project team Jonas Fröhlich (16), Felix Lober (17) and Kaan Uçar (17) for their project "Plastic was yesterday?".


Grand finale of Jugend forscht Bayern in the magnificent Rathausprunksaal

After two successful competition days in Vilsbiburg, the grand finale of the state competition took place on Friday, April 12th with the award ceremony. The winners of the seven subject areas were announced in the historic Rathausprunksaal. The special prize from the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Culture was awarded by Head of Department Martin Wunsch for the best interdisciplinary project. High-profile guests from local and national politics, science and business attended the award ceremony. They were able to see for themselves the diversity of the projects and the commitment of the young researchers.

Successful event

Flottweg once again acted as the national sponsor of the young talent competition this year. Sponsorship officer Sven Bedö is delighted with the successful event. "Once again this year, Jugend forscht has managed to combine research, science and business in a very special way. I am really impressed by the enthusiasm and creativity with which the researchers put their ideas into practice," explains Sven Bedö, Head of Marketing at Flottweg. "Jugend forscht thrives on the unique passion and extraordinary dynamism of the participants and the jury. For Flottweg as a technical company, it is particularly great to see how enthusiastic young people are about STEM subjects."


State competition director Uli Herwanger is also pleased with the 2024 state final: "A great celebration of science. Jugend forscht thrives on encounters and dialog. We are all very happy that the state competition has now been able to be held for the second time in Presence after Corona. Given the variety of topics and the high level of performance this year, the high-caliber jury was extremely challenged to identify the best Bavarian projects."


Overview of all Bavaria 2024 state winners:

Working world:

A004 Can you determine the grind of a coffee bean by its density?
Valentin Schwer (18) Buchloe High School, Buchloe
Project supervision: Mr. Czermak
Location: Buchloe grammar school, Buchloe


A010 E-modulus determination - with string and headset to the E-modulus
Dominik Limmer (21) Buch am Erlbach Flottweg SE, Vilsbiburg
Project supervision: Mr. Wimmer
Development location: Flottweg SE, Vilsbiburg


B006 Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) and the use of its leaves
Jonas Baumann (17) Burghausen Aventinus-Gymnasium Burghausen, Burghausen
Project supervision: Ms. Spiegel
Location: Aventinus-Gymnasium Burghausen, Burghausen



C002 Wanted! On the hunt for free radicals with a blue light reaction
Elisabeth Fischermann (15) Obernburg Julius-Echter-Gymnasium Elsenfeld, Elsenfeld
Tom Kreßbach (16) Obernburg Julius-Echter-Gymnasium Elsenfeld, Elsenfeld
Project supervision: Mr. Full, Mr. Giegerich
Place of development: Julius-Echter-Gymnasium Elsenfeld, Elsenfeld


Geo and spatial sciences:

G003 Relationship between forest ownership type and deadwood volume - an inventory
Jule Graß (19) Lettenreuth Gymnasium Burgkunstadt, Burgkunstadt
Project supervision: Ms. Kohles
Location: Burgkunstadt grammar school, Burgkunstadt


Mathematics and computer science:

M003 Parameterization of Pollard's Rho method
Finn Rudolph (18) Pommersfelden Rheinische
Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn, Bonn
Project supervision:
Place of development: Private/at home



P006 Trajectory deflection of rolling magnetic spheres by the Earth's magnetic field - Part II
Anton Bernotat (17) Bergen Chiemgau-Gymnasium, Traunstein
Julia Mühlbacher (17) Wonneberg Chiemgau-Gymnasium, Traunstein
Lena Keil (16) Traunstein Chiemgau-Gymnasium, Traunstein
Project supervision: Mr. Spann
Development location: Chiemgau-Gymnasium, Traunstein



T002 Innovative development of an environmentally friendly VTOL aircraft model
Ediz Osman (19) Nuremberg Dürer Gymnasium Nuremberg, Nuremberg



Special award from the Bavarian State Minister for Education and Culture: State award for the best interdisciplinary project

B003 Plastic was yesterday?
Jonas Fröhlich (16) Altdorf Leibniz-Gymnasium Altdorf, Altdorf
Felix Lober (17) Burgthann Leibniz-Gymnasium Altdorf, Altdorf
Kaan Uçar (17) Altdorf Leibniz-Gymnasium Altdorf, Altdorf
Project supervision: Mr. Hörnig
Development location: University Hospital Erlangen, Erlangen



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