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Pictures and stories are easier for our brains to remember than text, data, or figures. So Flottweg relies on video to explain news, products, and activities more clearly. You can find videos about mechanical separation technology on YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.


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For videos, YouTube is the very first site that springs to mind. As a result, YouTube is the best-known video portal in the world. Over a billion users watch hundreds of millions of hours of video material every day – and those figures grow every year.

Flottweg is represented by our own YouTube channel, too. From apple juice production to a virtual plant tour – on our channel, you'll find the video you need. New videos are added regularly. Want to stay up to date? Click the link and subscribe to the channel:



Video + me. That's Vimeo. The reference to video is what makes this New York video portal stand out, and it's the reason for millions of members. Flottweg stands for its products, and lives quality. We want to show that with our videos on our own channel. Want a look behind the scenes? Follow our channel here:



With over 128 million users per month, Dailymotion is Europe's most popular video platform. A rich offering of live transmissions, news in real time, and millions of videos are available on the international portal. On our own channel, Flottweg offers its customers worldwide information that goes well beyond product descriptions. Want to find out more? Click the link and visit us at Dailymotion:


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