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On-site Pilot Testing with our rental centrifuges

Flottweg has a fleet of rental equipment in various sizes and configurations, specifically for on-site testing.

When making arrangements, be sure to clarify if the equipment will be enclosed in a mobile container, on a skid, or placed inside your facility. You should also find out what you will need to provide during the testing period, such as power supply, quantity of test material, pumps, polymers, or ventilation.

Test equipment is able to comply with safety requirements, so be sure to indicate any safe handling or hazardous situations that can arise during operations.

Not only will your employees observe the equipment in person, they’ll have an opportunity to use it under actual conditions. This increases everyone’s comfort level with new technology and helps with the learning curve.

Take advantage of this test period by having all employees who might work with it, including operators, engineers, and maintenance staff, spend time with the equipment and the vendor representatives. You can also request hands-on demonstrations of basic maintenance and cleaning procedures and features like the scroll, adjustable impeller, or computerized user interface.

Whether in a lab or in your facility, testing decanter centrifuge and separator equipment brings you closer to your goals for production and waste management. Seeing what’s possible in a lab and then in your facility, under actual operating conditions, gives insight to your production processes too. Whether you need to increase dry solids, improve purity of liquids, or reclaim manufacturing byproducts, Flottweg can engineer an efficient system for your needs. 

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