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The Flottweg family is growing: Start of training 2022

On September 1, 2022, 19 trainees started their professional careers at Flottweg SE. With 58 trainees total now, Flottweg is once again one of the largest training organizations in the Landshut district this year. In total, 9 industrial mechanics, 6 mechatronics technicians, 2 warehouse logistics specialists, and 2 industrial clerks with further qualification as foreign language correspondents started their training at Flottweg.


These newcomers began with a multi-day camp for getting to know one another and sharing experience, which also gave the trainees an opportunity to learn more about Flottweg as a company. "We are delighted to finally have had the chance to organize this camp with our new trainees again after the pandemic. This camp gives everyone an opportunity to share ideas and creates a collegial atmosphere within the team from day one. This "get-to-know-you" camp has almost become a tradition," explains Training Director Daniel Wimmer.


Learning the basics: Flottweg’s training workshop

The internal training workshop is the central point of contact for industrial training professions: This workshop teaches basic technical knowledge and skills and includes an intermediate examination. In the second year, the training then moves to the factory. There, trainees rotate through the different positions in the individual production halls, such as Production, Assembly, Plant Engineering, or Quality Testing. "We value fair cooperation greatly, and we promote this in our day-to-day work, in our various projects, and at joint events," says the training director. "The trainees need creativity, team spirit, a solutions-based work style, and craftsmanship for the wide range of projects they will tackle. Everyone can help shape and contribute to these projects."


Training complete

In September, not only did 19 new trainees start their professional careers at Flottweg, 18 "Flottweglers" also celebrated the end of their training. Each graduate finished their training in just three years and was taken on by Flottweg. Various tasks related to production, assembly, and automation technology await these new professionals. Four trainees did exceptionally well, earning top grades despite the difficult conditions of the coronavirus pandemic.

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