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Vilsbiburg companies support coronavirus helpers

Mayor Sibylle Entwistle had a pleasant task in the past few days: She was on the road on behalf of ten Vilsbiburg businesses expressing her gratitude to people, who have worked and continue to work in the frontline during the Corona pandemic. Flottweg SE also supported this campaign financially.


The companies had donated the sum of 15,100 euros in autumn, with the request that it be used effectively in two ways: Part of the money was used to buy VIB vouchers to make it possible for the donated money to be used to benefit Vilsbiburg's retail trade. The vouchers, each worth 30 euros, were distributed by Entwistle to the staff of various geriatric care facilities and to the nursing staff of Vilsbiburg Hospital, who are regularly involved in the care of Corona patients and to the volunteers from "Tafel", Germany's food distribution organization.

"The intention of the donors is to extend a small thank you to the many people who have performed their duties during the coronavirus under extremely difficult conditions," said Mayor Entwistle, who was chosen as the neutral bearer of the VIB vouchers.

"Tafel" needs a new transport vehicle
The Vilsbiburg "Tafel" has a very specific plan for the use of donating. The vehicle that they use every week to collect donated food from bakeries and supermarkets has, in the meantime, become extremely fragile from a technical perspective. With EUR 7600, the donors are therefore specifically promoting the purchase of a new vehicle.

In addition to Flottweg, the Dräxlmaier-Group, Elektro Hammer, Hiller GmbH, Bäckerei Mareis, Veldener Präzisionstechnik, VR-Bank Isar-Vils, Wallner Werbung, Edeka Wolf, Autohaus Ostermaier and the town of Vilsbiburg also were active in the fundraising campaign.



Picture legend: A small acknowledgment for a great honorary achievement: Sibylle Entwistle presented VIB vouchers to the employees of the Tafel. In addition, 7,600 euros from the donation amount will be used to purchase the new Tafel transport vehicle that is urgently needed. (Photo: Georg Soller)


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