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The Flottweg Z3E decanter: Flexible, Maintenance-Friendly, and Powerful

The Flottweg Z3E Decanter: Flexible, Maintenance-Friendly, and Powerful

Reliability isn't just a keyword for Flottweg – it expresses the company's philosophy. We want our customers to get results with Flottweg that can't be beat. That requires reliable machines, reliable service, and staff whose passion for perfection shows throughout the manufacturing process.

The newly developed Flottweg Z3E brings us a huge step towards that goal. This decanter centrifuge is flexible, maintenance-friendly, and powerful.

With its easy-to-open cover, Flottweg makes access to the main components quick and easy, with no need for lifting equipment. Together with another feature – the super deep pond – the Flottweg Z3E highlights the know-how that has gone into this decanter.

Top flexibility and quality characterize the Flottweg Z3E, which has been Engineered For Your Success.

The Flottweg Z3E – Adapted to Your Specific Needs

Depending on your application, you can choose between a normal and a super deep pond to get optimum separation results.

  • Even better processing of sludges and pastes (super deep pond).
  • Improved dewatering by pressing action with high scroll torque (super deep pond).
  • Processing of grainy sediments with excellent filtration capability (normal pond).
  • Dewatering by drainage or filtration (normal pond). 

The Super Deep Pond for Optimum Energy Efficiency

The pond depth determines the time liquid stays in the Flottweg Decanter. The longer the time, the better the separation results. The deeper the pond, the higher the liquid volume is in the bowl and the closer the liquid surface comes to the axis of rotation. That reduces energy losses, since the ratio of discharge diameter to bowl diameter falls and the product (solid and centrate) leaves the bowl closer to the axis. The ratio in the super deep pond is 0.46, compared with 0.56 in the normal pond. That means that the Flottweg Super Deep Pond significantly reduces the energy requirements of the decanter centrifuge.

The Flottweg Z3E is flexible to use and adapt to individual customer needs.

All Advantages of the Flottweg Z3E at a Glance

  • Low energy needs due to use of the super deep pond.
  • Maintenance-friendly design ensure minimum downtime.
  • Complete wear protection.
  • Use of high-quality bearings.
  • Robust construction.
  • An optimized bowl and scroll geometry for optimum product compression and energy recovery.
  • Gas-tight, hygienic version available. The Z3E can also be used in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • For long service life, Flottweg fabricates all product-wetted parts from high-quality stainless steel (rust- and acid-resistant).
  • Adjustable impeller for optimum separation results, even when the product properties in the feed change.
  • Flottweg Touch Control makes operation easy and control user-friendly.
  • The Flottweg Recuvane® System permits energy savings of about 20 percent.

Flottweg Simp Drive® – Give Your Flottweg Z3E Even Better Performance

Flottweg developed the Simp Drive® to be able to meet the individual requirements of their customers for Flottweg Decanters. The gearbox regulates the differential speed between bowl and scroll during ongoing operation depending on the scroll torque. So the Simp Drive® can react to any change in product characteristics and adjust the differential speed in the decanter perfectly. That allows Flottweg to ensure the highest possible total dry solids in the discharged solids.


Flexible, maintenance-friendly, and powerful – see the features of the Flottweg Z3E and Flottweg Engineering Competence for yourself! Get in touch with our centrifuge experts!

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