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Insect Processing

Efficient Processing of Insects with Flottweg Technology

Demand for protein-rich food is steadily rising. Protein from insects as well as from other sources are being used to meet this demand. Insects can be raised on special farms from the egg to the fully grown insect within two weeks. The black soldier fly in particular is well suited for further processing due to its high nutrient content. Creating recyclable materials from maggots, flies, and mealworms is no longer just an idea dreamt up by small start-ups, but is already a recognized and innovative way of accessing alternative sources of protein.

This trend of producing protein from insects requires producers to be efficient and have final products with a high level of purity.

The processing of different insects, the processing temperatures, or the condition of the insects themselves can also make it harder to achieve these goals, and that’s why insect processing companies count on Flottweg’s expertise.

Flottweg’s three-phase centrifuge—the Tricanter®—is being used to simplify the processing of insects with centrifuges. The Tricanter® makes it possible to separate insects into different pure phases (fat, protein water, and solids) in one step.

Processing Insects with the Flottweg Tricanter®


1. Heating

After the insects have been chopped up, they must be preheated to approx. 185°F–203°F (85°C–95°C) in a melting tube. This step is necessary to facilitate subsequent processing with the Tricanter®.


2. Tricanter®

The Tricanter® now separates the mashed insects into three phases: the solids phase, protein water, and the fat phase. This results in a high level of quality and pure phases that are essential for further processing.


3. Insect meal

After going through the Tricanter®, the stickwater phase is evaporated to increase the protein content in the final product and thus the value of the insect meal. It can now be fed back into the solids phase as a syrup.


4. Drying

The solids-and-evaporated stickwater mixture is dried, ground, and bottled using a drying system. The insect meal can then be further sold in big bags or as pellets.


5. Insect lipids

The produced insect fat can be directly bottled and sold.


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Products from insect processing

Animal Feed

Once the resulting process stickwater is mixed and dried with the solids, the insect meal can be ground and bottled. The final meal product is used in animal feed and has been shown to be better tolerated than traditional fodder. The ingredients and nutrients from insect proteins are also just as good as chicken-based animal feed or the like.

The Flottweg Tricanter® is an efficient and economical solution for extracting insect protein. It combines two production steps in one, to not only reduce processing times but also increase added value.

Priority is also placed on having hygienic processes since strict regulations regarding the ingredients and purity of insect-based products exist, especially in European areas. Flottweg therefore has a hygienic design available for all of its machines. The ability to easily clean centrifuge components that come into contact with the product as well as the fulfillment all major hygienic standards are some of this design's unique features.

Depending on the customer’s requirements and individual needs, we tailor our machine to their process to guarantee maximum success, profitability, and quality.


In addition to insect protein, fertilizers and soil conditioners can also be produced from maggots, mealworms, etc.

Insect Fat

Insect fat, also known as insect lipids, is used in cosmetics, cleaning agents, and animal feed.

Advantages for Flottweg Customers


2 in 1

You can eliminate one process step by using a Flottweg Tricanter®, as the machine is designed for three-phase separation. The machine’s efficiency lets Flottweg customers achieve optimum success.


Adjustable Impeller

The flexibility and level of precision achieved by the adjustable impeller help optimize the quality of the insect protein or fat.



Our customers also benefit from our custom-made decanter scrolls. Only when all components are perfectly matched can we achieve the best possible results during the processing of insects.


Quality and Purity

Excellent quality and purity at all times is another advantage offered to Flottweg customers when they purchase a Tricanter. The Flottweg brand is committed to the success of its customers and has thus made achieving the best possible separation results its goal.


Competent Service

From the first consultation onward, Flottweg will accompany you as a reliable partner. Our highly qualified employees are able to extend the life of machines. We're always working to provide our customers with a fast and reliable solution.


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