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Flottweg apprentice awarded top grades

Many high school graduates know their next step from the outset: graduate from high school and then begin to study as soon as possible. Samuel Reichl showed, however, that the path through the dual training system can also be very rewarding. The Flottweg apprentice completed his vocational training as an industrial mechanic with the grade 1. After the 10th class, the 19-year-old made a conscious decision to leave high school with an intermediate leaving certificate and to begin vocational training at Flottweg SE in Vilsbiburg: "I realized relatively early that studying was not an option for me. I wanted to begin an apprenticeship and thus learn a skilled trade", says Reichl.


Again best grades at Flottweg
Training as an industrial mechanic usually takes 3 1/2 years. But under certain conditions, this apprenticeship time can be shortened to 3 years, as with Samuel Reichl. The training is then completed with a final examination consisting of a practical and a theoretical part. Reichl's practical task was to repair a lathe. The procedure must be precisely documented and then explained during a technical interview. Taking both examinations together, Samuel Reichl completed both with a grade 1, the best possible grade.
The young man from Gangkofen thus joins the ranks of other Flottweg trainees who have also completed their training with top grades in recent years. The good results are certainly not least due to the excellent supervision that the trainees receive at Flottweg: "The master craftsmen and trainers were always there for us. We were able to ask questions at any time and they were also a great help to all of us during exam preparation“, says Samuel Reichl, looking back on his training.

Out into the wide world
After completing his vocational training with Flottweg - the specialist for separation technology, Samuel Reichl has now joined Flottweg's service department. This department is responsible for the repair, maintenance and commissioning of machines and systems worldwide. The apprentice from Gangofen became enthusiastic about the department during a week in the field, when he and a colleague were servicing a fruit juice plant on the German-French border.



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