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C8E – large-scale sludge dewatering and thickening processes

Sludge treatment plays an important role at wastewater treatment plants: A key component of the treatment process for drinking water and wastewater is the efficient separation and dewatering of fine-grained sludge, using mechanical means whenever possible. In particular, large wastewater treatment plants serving a population of 200,000 or more must find the most economical, optimal solution for the dewatering and thickening process. Given this imperative, reliability, high economic efficiency, and minimal maintenance are of great importance for wastewater treatment plants.


Based on 50 years of experience and expertise, Flottweg developed the C-series to provide powerful and effective separation units for thickening and dewatering sludge. The C-series was specially engineered for separation tasks related to processing sewage sludge and treating drinking water. While the HTS (highest total dry solids) decanters help keep sludge volumes low, the OSE (optimal sludge thickening) decanters are intended to thicken excess sludge.

2022-c8e-beitragsbild The C8E is designed to process large throughputs and still combines energy efficiency and high-performance.

As the largest decanter in the C-series, the C8E delivers the performance needed for large throughputs: The centrifuge is able to process 100 – 200 m³/h (440 – 880 gpm) during thickening and 80 – 160 m³/h (352 – 704 gpm) during dewatering. The C8E boasts features like an energy-efficient and high-performance drive, energy recovery through the Flottweg Recuvane® system, simple maintenance, and minimal personnel requirements due to a high level of automation.


"Economical, efficient, and proven – three words that describe our C-series perfectly. The quality and reliability of the C8E is not only impressive to us at Flottweg, but also to our customers," explains Tobias Meßmer, Product Manager at Flottweg. For this product manager, all sewage sludge is different: "Sewage sludge is always unique – all sludge has its own characteristics, which means the overall conditions are never the same. The C8E can be customized for the quality and special characteristics of the sewage sludge treated on site. This is also true for the entire C-series, which offers significant added value for our customers."

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