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Oil Sludge Plant with Three-Phase Separation Approved: Estedama and Saudi Aramco Visit Flottweg Together

Estedama Environmental Solution is a company based in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia that specializes in providing a wide range of industrial and environmental services, including the treatment and recycling of hazardous industrial waste. In June 2023, the company purchased an oil sludge plant with a pretreatment system, three-phase separation system, and conveyor technology to handle the separated phases from the separation technology specialist Flottweg. In total, the order included an oil sludge plant with several pretreatment stages, a chemical dosing system, a Flottweg Tricanter® three-phase separation system, and storage facilities for the separated phases. The fully mobile plant was completed and subsequently approved during Estedama's visit to Vilsbiburg in January 2024. The commissioning of the oil sludge plant is expected to take place in the second quarter of 2024.

2024-estedama-beitragsbild1 The fully mobile facility is expected to go into operation in the second quarter of 2024.

Oil Sludge Plant to Be Used at Saudi Aramco in the Future

The mobile container plant planned by Flottweg and Estedama was tailored to individual requirements and will be used for Saudi Aramco soon for oil sludge recycling. Saudi Aramco is the largest oil company in the world. The mobile plant will now make it possible for oily sludge to be separated into three main parts: oil, water, and solids. This will not only conserve resources, but will allow for oil to be recovered at the same time, which is a positive thing when it comes to environmental concerns. Flottweg’s Tricanter®, which enables efficient three-phase separation, is at the center of the plant.

2024-estedama-beitragsbild4 During a tour of Flottweg's production facilities, the guests were given an insight into Flottweg's working methods

Visit to Flottweg’s Headquarters and Production

Alongside Saudi Aramco, Faleh Aldossary, General Manager at Estedama Environmental Solution, visited the separation technology specialist to give the plant's final acceptance. Faleh Aldossary and the visitors from Saudi Aramco gained a glimpse into the cutting-edge production of the separation technology specialist in order to get a picture of the company's quality and expertise themselves and be able to visit the entire oil sludge plant. For Estedama, this is already the second project to be implemented with Flottweg. After purchasing the first oil sludge plant with a Tricanter® Z4E and a separator AC2006, the container plant has now been upscaled.

2024-estedama-beitragsbild2 Empowering Sustainability - The container system will operate according to this motto in future

Michael Hohenthanner, who coordinated and implemented the project as project manager, is satisfied with the progress: “The planning and implementation of the mobile container plant for oil sludge recycling has gone extremely well in recent months. In collaboration with Estedama, we have developed an advanced solution for separating oil, water, and solids from sludges from ponds, lagoons and storge tanks. During the final acceptance on site together with Estedama and Saudi Aramco, the visitors were very excited about the produced plant. Follow-up orders placed, such as for a mobile skid system with a Tricanter Z6E, chemical dosing system, pretreatment tanks, and pump stations to be produced for Estedama in the coming months, are proof of our successful cooperation.”

2024-estedama-beitragsbild3 Michael Hohenthanner, Faleh Aldossary and Stefan Markus Gnosa together in front of the container facility. (from left to right)

About Estedama

Estedama is a leading environmental and industrial services provider for the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability and a comprehensive range of services, Estedama strives to provide customers with exceptional quality. Estedama plays a major role diverting industrial hazardous waste from landfills to be treated and recycled to meet the local Saudi targets set by the national center of waste management MWAN.


Estedama specializes in providing the best solutions in industrial waste management, waste recycling, industrial services, and environmental consulting. With many years of experience in this field, its team of experts has extensive knowledge and expertise in dealing with the challenges especially associated with the oil and gas and petrochemical industries.

About Flottweg

Specializing in separation technology, Flottweg is a family business that strives to always achieve tangible success for the customer. With an annual turnover of over 282 million euros (2022) and an export quota of over 80 percent, Flottweg is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of centrifuges, equipment, and systems. Flottweg always knows what is important to operators and works daily with this knowledge to find the optimum solution for its customers. With over 60 years of experience, Flottweg stands for highest product quality—Made in Germany.


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