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Flottweg on path to success: Company posts record for incoming orders and sales

With an increase of almost 19% and sales of €282 million, Flottweg SE has achieved consistently positive figures for 2022. These figures demonstrate the successful development of this separation technology specialist from Vilsbiburg. Board members Dr. Kersten Link and Peter Frankfurter are delighted by this new record year: "Although we were once again faced with a very turbulent market environment, we are very happy to announce that our business is showing favorable figures again. Both figures, incoming orders of €286 million and sales of €282 million, are record values in our company’s history. This success is mainly thanks to our outstanding employees. Only as a team can we meet the challenges facing us today. We have succeeded."


Sustainable growth: Number of employees at record high

However, it is not only the sales figures that are showing an increase: With 950 employees at the Vilsbiburg site and 1209 employees worldwide, Flottweg's employee figures show continuous growth. Flottweg is one of the most popular employers in the Landshut region and offers exciting job prospects and development opportunities for specialists and executives. This has also been confirmed by Kununu, an employee platform, which awarded Flottweg with the seals "Top Company" and "Germany’s Most Family-Friendly Companies”.


Strategy 2025 and growing internationalization pay off

Strategy 2025 was launched in 2020 and focuses on Flottweg’s continued internationalization. Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine triggered a series of EU economic sanctions that make it impossible for Flottweg to continue operating in Russia. Flottweg is in full support of these sanctions and all the more proud that its business has expanded enough in other regions of the world to more than compensate for the resulting gap.

Its Board of Directors believes that the company is on the right track: "With Strategy 2025, we are putting our customers' success at the heart of our work. We make our customers more successful by providing them with excellent products and in-depth process knowledge. We offer support through our global network of subsidiaries and representatives, and we supply high-quality, custom solutions through effective production. These are just some of the reasons why we will have another successful year in 2023."


Employees benefit from success of company

Flottweg SE employees also have something to be happy about with this successful fiscal year. As in previous years, there will be a special employee bonus for the 2022 financial year. This is how Flottweg shows its appreciation to its employees for what they achieved.

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