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Flottweg SE Remains Sponsor: “We are behind the Roten Raben 100%!”

Flottweg SE will remain the sponsor for the Roten Raben. As the Raben managing director, André Wehnert, as well as the Flottweg executive board representative, Fritz Colesan and CFO, Peter Frankfurter, announced at a joint meeting on Monday, the company in Vilsbiburger will continue its <link internal-link>support for the volleyball national team as the athletic poster child for the city and region for another two years  – “to the extent as thus far,” as Colesan added: “We are behind the Roten Raben 100%!” 


The team’s managing director, Wehnert, responded happily and expressly commended the successful partnership with the companies: “Flottweg has had a major role in such a small city as Vilsbiburg being able to provide such a top athletic team at this level for many years. It’s a fantastic thing that the company has renewed its sponsorship for the team and an important sign.”




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