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Flottweg’s Continuous Research and Development Is Paying Off: “Innovator of the Year” Award for New Nozzle Separator

The separation technology specialist Flottweg is very pleased: After it launched the FDS2000 nozzle separator as a new product last year, it is now being given the "Innovator of the Year" award, which is presented annually to innovative pioneers by the business portal DIE DEUTSCHE WIRTSCHAFT and honors forward-looking companies. Flottweg’s nozzle separator won the jury over above all for its customer-focused innovation, which resulted in an energy-efficient, maintenance-optimized, and powerful separation unit. The ceremonial presentation of the innovation award will take place in November.


An Innovation that Puts Customers First

The concept of a nozzle separator was viewed by many experts to be fully exhausted, and that’s when a lot of customers reached out to Flottweg. Flottweg acknowledged the customers’ concerns and fundamentally questioned the existing design principles. The aim of the development process was to completely rethink the concept of the “nozzle separator” in order to develop a significantly more powerful and simultaneously highly efficient separation unit. At the same time, operating and maintenance costs as well as resource consumption were to be significantly reduced. All of these aspects were finally combined into a separation unit that’s optimally tailored to meet the needs of customers.

"We are delighted that Flottweg has been awarded Innovator of the Year for its nozzle separator. This award shows that the interdisciplinary approach has given off the right signals: On the one hand, we listened carefully to our customers and implemented their wishes and needs; on the other hand, an interdisciplinary team from the areas of development, process engineering, and production participated in the design and development of the nozzle separator. Our knowledge and expertise combined with the wishes of our customers have facilitated a successful separation unit that unites the latest technology with existing market requirements," explains Senior Product Manager Matthias Gaube.


Sustainable, Powerful, and Optimized for Maintenance: The Flottweg Nozzle Separator

Since nozzle separators are used as a key technology in the food and biotech industry, it's very important to service them quickly,  have low running energy costs on the machine, and an optimal separation result. “Especially in complex production processes, every hour of downtime costs money, and long maintenance intervals or unforeseen downtimes can result in high losses,” says Product Manager Matthias Gaube. "In order to meet these requirements, we've rethought the machine design. The result is a new overall design of the separator bowl, which combines a number of innovative features at the core of the centrifuge."


Caption: Flottweg's interdisciplinary project team for the development of the nozzle separator (from left to right): 1st row: Matthias Gaube (Product Management), Josef Maier (New Machine Assembly), Alexander Wimmer (Production Coach), Thomas König (Separator Development), Florian Grimm (Assembly & Preparation). 2nd row: Matthias Weber (Work Preparation), Maximilian Kronseder (Design) and Frank Giegler (Process Engineering Development).



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