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Learn How Flottweg Decanters Save 90% Pond Space at NSSGA / AGG1 World of Asphalt

At this conference, Flottweg will demonstrate how decanter centrifuges benefit sand and gravel producers.

As mines and quarries age, miners and operators are faced with water problems resulting from their washing and processing of product. These problems include a shortage of pond space, needing to mine under their existing ponds, shortage of water due to restrictions, specification limits on water intended to be returned to ground water, or even too much water contaminated by clays and ultra-fines.


“The traditional solution has been the use of filter presses and/or settling ponds,” says Flottweg subject matter expert Eric Gentis. “This technology not only requires significant capital investment, but comes with a large footprint, requires constant operator presence, and has an ongoing operating expense associated with filter media. Presses and ponds are not portable, and associated civils / structure costs add to Capex. Alternately, simply sending the tailings to a pond is not preferred as it quarantines significant mine property.”


To learn more, visit Booth #850 at the Nashville Music City Center on March 25-27. Flottweg joins more than 400 exhibitors and more than 200,000 square feet of exhibits at the 2024 NSSGA Annual Convention / AGG1 World of Asphalt show—expected to be among the biggest in its history. 


To save up to 90% pond space or even more, a decanter centrifuge combined with a clarifier / polymer dosing unit is a very affordable and effective solution. As much as 90% of process wash water can be recovered. Spadeable solid material suitable to be handled by conveyor or truck is produced. “Very little operator supervision and periodic maintenance is required, and the system is fail-saved to ensure no negative impacts of sudden surges of solids in the feed, feed failure or power interruption,” Gentis explains.


Held every year except during CONEXPO-CON/AGG years, World of Asphalt is the leading trade show and conference focused on the asphalt and paving industries, whose most recent edition was recognized by Trade Show Executive as one of the “Fastest 50” growing trade shows. The show features the best education, and latest equipment, products, services and technologies for the asphalt and paving industries.

Sustainable use of water as a resource and stronger regulations call for an intelligent and simple solution to recycle existing process water. When treating sand and gravel, Flottweg industrial centrifuges drain the sludge from wet treatment. The reclaimed water can then be returned to the process. 



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