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Numerous options for your success — Flottweg separators

Flottweg’s ultimate goal is the success of its customers and the best possible way to get there. Application-specific special features, additional services, and the right machine sizes for the throughput capacities of all customers? These and many other challenges are not an obstacle for Flottweg on the way to a tailor-made separation solution.


Flottweg separators clarify and refine oils, coffee extracts, and much more. Depending on the requirements, they are available as two-phase and three-phase separators. Three-phase separators separate two liquids, a light and a heavy liquid phase, and solids. The two-phase separator, also called a clarifier, is used in the clarification of liquids of the finest solids.


No matter what separation task the separator is required for, it is ideally equipped for all applications thanks to the right configuration. All Flottweg AC separators are equipped with the Soft Shot® discharge system as a standard. As a result, the discharge of solids is extremely quiet and automated at the same time. The solids can be discharged at defined intervals or, depending on the product, via a monitoring system.


For a long machine service life, all Flottweg separators also feature an automated lubricating system to ensure an adequate supply of lubricant, both before the first bowl rotation and regularly during use. Hygiene also plays an important role in our separators. In the beverage, pharmaceutical, and food industries in particular, strict hygienic regulations must be complied with, which is why all components that come into contact with the product are capable of cleaning in place (CIP-compatible). This offers the advantage of easy cleaning. This concept can be easily integrated into other existing processes.


Flottweg separators are available in different sizes depending on the requirements. The size required depends on various factors, such as the application, throughput, and solids content. In order to be able to offer an optimal solution at all times, Flottweg has therefore equipped the different sizes with additional functions in order to be able to meet the needs of customers even better.


One of the smallest Flottweg separators is the AC1000. It is often used as a pilot plant machine because its compact size makes it ideal for product testing, thereby helping to define the exact specifications for a suitable larger machine. A small, more cost-effective machine is often best suited for such applications. The AC1700 separator is primarily used in the production of beverages and vegetable oils. Thanks to the new and optimized design of the AC1700, time-consuming maintenance is a thing of the past. Easily accessible service openings facilitate access and thus maintenance of the machine.


In addition to Flottweg separators such as the AC1000 or AC1700 Separator, Flottweg also offers separators such as the AC2520—currently the largest separator in the Flottweg portfolio. The clarifier version of the AC2520 is used in the production of instant coffee, for example. The unique feature here is the bowl, which has been specially developed for this application. It is required due to the high feed density of coffee. The AC2500 series is also used in other configurations in different applications, such as for the clarification of beer or refining of cooking oils.

Flottweg has a suitable solution for every requirement thanks to the individual possibilities for customization to customer requirements and application specifications.

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