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Flottweg @MINEXCHANGE 2022


Flottweg takes part at the MINEXCHANGE 2022. MINEXCHANGE 2022 SME Annual Conference & Expo is the only conference dedicated to all disciplines of mining engineering. Featuring a wide variety of technical sessions and speakers combined with our expansive exhibit hall, MINEXCHANGE attracts thousands of mining professionals from around the world.

Flottweg will present its latest separation solutions for the mining industry at the exhibition. Our specialists for the mining industry, Terry Ostrom and Eric Gentis, will have a session in the technical program. They are going to talk about sucessful CRUD processing using 3-phase decanter technology.

Take the opportunity and learn how you can optimize your CRUD process!

Successful Crud Processing Using 3-phase Decanter Technology - Technical Session by Terry Ostrom and Eric Gentis

Due to decreasing percentage of valuable metals in ores mined today, mining operations have opted to change over to the hydrometallurgy solvent extraction (SX) process to win the maximum value from their ore. One of the negative characteristics of  the SX process is that an unwanted emulsion (“CRUD”) is formed at the interface of the organic and aqueous phase in the solvent extraction loading- and stripping-process. The formation of CRUD degrades the SX process. The standard practice to optimize performance of the process (and to be able to recover and reuse the valuable organic) is the use of three phase centrifugal decanter. Since the organic and aqueous have different densities, the use of high centrifugal force is an efficient method of splitting the emulsion into separate organic and aqueous phases. As the recovered organic has a high value to the customer and lowers  operation cost significantly, pay-back of the separation equipment is typically achieved in much less than 12 months. This paper shows how and why the system works, reviews a number of existing sites around the world, and presents an owner/operator’s perspective on practical operation and maintenance issues and costs.



  • Tuesday, March 1 - 09:25 am
  • Room 16

Mineral and Metallurgical Processing Division luncheon

Also on Tuesday, March 01, the Mineral and Metallurgical Processing Division luncheon will be held. Flottweg is sponsor of this lunch. Take the opportunity and exchange ideas with colleagues and experts. The sponsorship supports scholarships to students in the technical-specific fields of discipline. 

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