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„Taking Care of Business" - Flottweg distributes corona care package to employees

Distance, vaccination and testing are the most important cornerstones of the Federal Government’s coronavirus strategy. While many recreational activities are restricted, commercial life goes on. Flottweg in Vilsbiburg decided to put together an Easter care package for its employees in order to ensure that this process runs as safely as possible. Included are several FFP2 masks and a disinfectant to protect against infection, as well as a set of coronavirus quick tests. These coronavirus rapid tests further reduce the risk of infection. In principle, a large number of office workers work from home. In those areas of production where presence is mandatory, the greatest possible gap between workers in ensured. But the quick tests will also be a great help here.


„Flottweg, together with its employees, wants to make a contribution to combating the virus in our region. In addition, we strive to provide as much health and safety for our employees and their families as possible. We believe that by complying with the rules (physical distancing, hygiene, wearing a mask + ventilation), in combination with the self-tests and vaccination, we can regain some security and freedom," says Martina Strohhofer, member of the coronavirus task force.

The coronavirus task force was set up at Flottweg within a very short time. Representatives from a wide range of areas, such as occupational health and safety, personnel, production and more, can be found on the committee. The ultimate goal of the task force is to ensure the highest possible level of safety for employees.

The formation of the task force has so far been a great success for the company: „With the onset of the pandemic a year ago, Flottweg quickly established a task force team to respond quickly. We are confident that this has prevented and will continue to prevent the virus from spreading widely within the company. The protection of our employees and their families is important," Martina Strohhofer continues.

Picture legend: Over the past few days, Martina Strohhofer and Bastian Maier have put together around 900 care packages for employees by hand.

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