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Commitment to volunteer work recognized: Flottweg receives award for work as "volunteering-friendly company"

As part of the "Blaulichtempfang" (State reception for Emergency Services) iniative "Volunteering-friendly company – Safer together", on October 15, 2022 Flottweg SE received an award for its commitment to volunteer work from Bavaria's State Secretary of the Interior Sandro Kirchner. The award ceremony for the Blaulichtempfang "Sicheres Bayern" (A Safe Bavaria) initiative was held in Landshut's Rathausprunksaal (Town Hall). Flottweg was nominated for the award by the Landshut Firefighter's Association and is the first company in the Landshut district to receive the award. A total of 17 companies from all over Bavaria were honored for their voluntary commitment. 


Volunteer work is an important part of living together in a community – be it a fire and rescue service, Germany's Federal Agency for Technical Relief, or any voluntary aid organization. Every day, countless dedicated people work to help their fellow human beings in distress. Flottweg has always supported its employees with their volunteer work. "We are delighted to receive this award as a 'volunteering-friendly' company. Volunteering is an important pillar of society. That's why we are proud that so many Flottweg employees are actively involved in volunteer work. Above all else, we have our employees to thank for this award", explains Spokesperson of the Board of Directors, Dr. Kersten Link. 

Wolfgang Metz, Head of the Occupational Safety, Fire, and Environmental Protection department, and Florian Grimm, Head of the Assembly & Processing department, accepted the award given for the Blaulichtempfang initiative: "I have worked with the Vilsbiburg voluntary fire department for over 25 years. Flottweg is a great employer to work for in this regard because it helps its employees engage in their communities, even during working hours," reports Grimm. "It is not uncommon for 10 to 15 employees to leave during work and go to the scene of a fire. These situations cannot be planned and a quick response is essential."

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