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After a Record Year, It's Christmas

The traditional Christmas party and Flottweg Employee meeting was held last Friday in the Vistalhalle. And the Vilsbiburg company definitely had reason to celebrate. Flottweg closed out a successful 2017 with record orders received.


The yearly employee meeting and Christmas party is the big final highlight of Flottweg's calendar. The first event of the day was the presentation of the Finance and Personnel Director, Peter Frankfurter. With orders received in the amount of about 200 million Euros in 2017, Flottweg has set a never-before-seen record in <link internal-link>company history. The growth was particularly large in the area of new machines. Flottweg saw a hefty 40% growth there in comparison with the previous year. The reason for the sharp rise were a series of contracts won for large projects. Machines processing <link internal-link>wheat starch were sold in Hungary and Uzbekistan, for example, and machines for <link internal-link>bioethanol harvest in the United States and for a <link internal-link>sewage treatment plant in China. The number of employees also rose this year to over 900 worldwide. Frankfurter emphasized, "With all this growth and our many new colleagues, it has been the explicit goal of the Board to maintain the Flottweg Culture and an atmosphere of respect." This statement by Frankfurter was greeted with great applause from the roughly 600 employees in attendance.


To handle the work in the chock-full order books, the plans for Plant 2 are going forward. Production Director Karl-Heinz Grebisz explained that excavation will start in Baumgartenstrasse in the second quarter of 2018. The actual construction phase will then start in the third quarter of 2018. The new plant will house, among other things, machine assembly and acceptance, goods receiving, and shipping.


In addition to the reports from the four directors, though, this year also included a ceremony for long-term and deserving employees. Johann Zens, Fritz Bröckl, Alfred Kraus, Joachim Bitschnau, Reinhard Brückl, Rainer Moosner, Peter Renner, Karl Rackerseder, Heidi Heilmeier, Robert Kreft, and Johann Tullius were all honored for 25 years of service to the company. Flottweg thanked Gerhard Labahn for 40 years of loyalty.

Five employees, Gerhard Fielder, Alfred Hobmeier, Joachim Bauer, Brigitte Ondrusch, and Gabi Langwieser entered retirement. Some of them had joined Flottweg as far back as the 80's.


The crowning event of the festivities was provided by this year's Flottweg Krampuses, who regaled the audience with their wit, an impression or two, and a series of home-made films.







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