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Kirishi Conference for oil industry experts "Earnings instead of waste"

On 11-12 November 2014, the Russian branch of Flottweg SE, "Flottweg Moskau", in conjunction with "Eisenmann Anlagenbau" and JSC "Kirishinefteorgsintez" organised a scientific-practical conference for oil industry specialists entitled "Earnings instead of waste - Innovative technologies and systems to solve the problem of waste disposal".


The problem of waste disposal in compliance with current environmental regulations and standards is one of the most pressing problems of any industrial enterprise. For the handling of hydrocarbon raw materials (for example, in oil refineries), this problem becomes a paramount task.


The cleaning, processing and recycling of industrial wastes resulting from the processing and production of petroleum products is now performed in most enterprises using Flottweg centrifuges that make it possible both to work effectively with biological residues and to separate oily sludge into petroleum products, water and solids by submitting them to tricanter processing (Flottweg  Tricanter®). And while the oil and water purified by centrifuge can be used without problems and returned to the production cycle of the enterprise, the further treatment of the separated and dehydrated solids (cake) without the risk of threats to the environment has been much discussed.


In the context of the conference, the participants were able to learn how to not only completely solve the problem of waste management in the enterprises of the oil industry from an environmental point of view, but also do so with the economic benefits. Scientific and technical reports were prepared, which clearly demonstrated an example of a successful resolution of the issue with the use of the Flottweg equipment for separation and sludge dewatering together with Eisenmann equipment for achieving zero emissions into the atmosphere without any strain on the environment.


 The participants in the conference were given a tour of the largest refinery in Russia (OOO "KINEF") with a demonstration of the Flottweg and Eisenmann processing equipment. After the tour, there was a discussion on the issues of the conference and an exchange of views.


The conference was attended by over 70 delegates. Following the conference, most delegates expressed their gratitude to the organisers for the interesting event and the wish to continue this tradition. 


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