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Flottweg 2015 Sales Figures Highest in Company's History

Despite international political unrest and low oil prices, Flottweg is continuing on its course to success. With sales of 179 million Euro in 2015, Flottweg SE saw the highest turnover in its 84-year history. In comparison with the previous year, the company in the Lower Bavarian town of Vilsbiburg recorded 30 million Euro higher sales. The number of new hires also had a positive effect on the good bis results. 76 new employees around the globe found new workplaces at Flottweg.


<link internal-link>Flottweg SE is one of the internationally leading manufacturers of industrial centrifuges for solid/liquid separation. Flottweg Decanters, Separators, and Belt Presses are engineered and produced exclusively in Germany. They are used in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, petrochemistry, mining, and in the food and beverage industry. During the annual city address on April 13, 2016, executive board representative Fritz Colesan presented the sales figures for the past year. Flottweg saw total sales of 179 million Euro in 2015. About 85% of those sales were from overseas, the largest sales market being Europe. North America was next. The company invested 2.5 million dollars in 2015 in a new administration building in Independence, Kentucky. Colesan was cautiously optimistic with respect to the outlook for the coming year. The chairman still sees the primary problems in the low price of oil. "The purchase of fresh petroleum is currently more profitable for many customers than the recycling of old oil. But in the medium term, this trend will surely reverse again," said Fritz Colesan during the event.




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