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Flottweg Apprentices – Together, They Are Strong

 A total of 15 apprentices started their training at Flottweg in Vilsbiburg on September 1. But for the first week, the beginners didn't work on anything like a lathe at the centrifuge manufacturer, but rather attended a "getting to know you" camp in Regenstauf.


"We think it's important for the girls and boys to grow together as a team. Our apprenticeships are build as a team education. When our apprentices work together quickly, they have more fun at work, help one another prepare for exams, and are open to us as teachers," says Daniel Wimmer of the Education Department.


To ensure a strong "we" feeling right from the start of the apprenticeship, the 11 boys and 4 girls go to Regenstauf for two days. Once in the Oberpfalz, a wide variety of tasks awaited them that they could only solve by working as a team. In addition to building a race car and a variety of climbing tasks, the youth also built a bridge from individual plug connectors. The bridge had to hold the weight of the whole team after it was built. The special feature of the bridge is that it can't be held together with nails or rope, instead supporting itself only by a clever arrangement of the individual boards.


Then it was back to Vilsbiburg in two or three teams to a company rally. The future industrial mechanics and mechatronic technicians had to interview the heads of the different production departments. Each department head gave them a puzzle piece in return, and in the end the pieces all made up a large picture of the Flottweg campus. At noon, the newcomers could relax a little. The apprentices in later years organized a welcoming grill party. Tobias Rott said he was very impressed by the work atmosphere: "Even during my internship, I noticed that Flottweg has a great working atmosphere. It was a very important point in my decision to apply here."


But in practical lessons, too, Flottweg has continued to tool up over the past few months. The teaching workshop was expanded with two more conventional turning machines. This is where the apprentices get their first experiences in handling metal.



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