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Flottweg Apprentices with Outstanding Achievements

On Monday, July 23, 2018, ten of the initial group of 18 Flottweg apprentices graduated early from their training after the apprenticeship period was shortened – and of those ten graduates, five of them completed their apprenticeships with a cumulated grade average of 1.5 on a scale of 1 (best) to 5 (worst). Each of the young industrial mechanics who expressed the wish to join Flottweg was offered a contract for permanent employment.


<link internal-link>Bowl production, plant construction, assembly, welding, and service - these will be the future departments that take the newly trained young men.

"The various areas of responsibility in which our apprentices will be deployed illustrate the many opportunities that Flottweg has to offer young people after completing their training," said Peter Frankfurter at the company's internal award ceremony.

After their training, Moritz Fußeder and Philipp Tschannerl will be moving to bowl production; Sebastian Gruber will in future ensure that the <link internal-link>Flottweg decanters, separators and belt presses can be used directly in compact systems and containers around world; Lukas Hampe and Angelo Marchese will move to assembly, and Tobias Thaller will kick off his career in the welding shop; Léon von Zoepffel will devote himself to machine maintenance – he is moving to Service. And Tobias Birnkammer, Thomas Brandlmeier, and Markus Eberl will be returning to school in September – they will attend the higher vocational school in Landshut.


Tobias Birnkammer, Markus Eberl, Moritz Fuchseder, Sebastian Gruber, and Léon von Zoepffel received a special honor; they achieved a final grade better than 1.5 in the final report. Tobias Birnkammer deserves special mention. with an average grade of 1.0, the best possible grade average, this future higher vocational school student received the State Prize for his outstanding achievement. "I'm going to go to Landshut Higher Vocational School in September. After my high school finals, I want to study mechanical engineering or electrical engineering. But I will remain loyal to Flottweg. During summer vacations, the company will let me continue to work and earn some extra money. And after my studies, I will definitely apply here again," said Tobias Birnkammer just before receiving the award.




Satisfaction all around: (back row, left to right): Fritz Colesan, Speaker of the Management Board of Flottweg SE; Peter Frankfurter, Administration and Finance Director; Sebastian Gruber; Eva-Maria Gedeck, Human Resources; Daniel Wimmer, Apprenticeship Management.

Front row, left to right: Markus Eberl, Tobias Birnkammer, Moritz Fußeder, Tobias Thaller, Phillip Tschannerl, Stefan Brenninger)





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