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Flottweg Expands Teaching Workshop and Celebrates "Day of Open Apprenticeship"

Maybe it's not true that to get to the top, you have to start at the bottom. At least, that's the impressionone gets from seeing the newly renovated Flottweg Teaching Workshop. To let everyone interested in anapprenticeship to get a good look, last Saturday was declared an apprenticeship open house.

Day of Open Apprenticeship

A mixture of practical business and exciting impressions awaited the visitors to the "Day of Open Apprenticeship". First, visitors could test their manual dexterity at a series of workstations, and there were also some of the drilling and milling machines running to give visitors an impression of daily work.

Flottweg has invested about 300,000 € into equipment for their apprentices over the past year. Those funds paid for more fabrication machines, expansion of the seminar and break rooms, new floors, and a suction system for the newly redesigned welding shop. The objective is clear. Flottweg wants to create long-term loyalty to the company in its apprentices. To make the transition from apprenticeship to employment easier, the young industrial mechanical and mechatronics technicians cycle through every department relevant to production. During purchase of the machines, care was also taken to ensure they are as similar as possible to those used in production.


During the event, training lead Franz Saxstetter also had a few interesting facts for visitors. Since 1968, 269 girls and boys have completed <link internal-link>apprenticeships at Flottweg, and of those, 68% are still with the company. 26% of former apprentices are now in leadership roles. Saxstetter had a very positive summary of the first Day of Open Apprenticeship: "About 200 interested visitors showed up. For our first event, that is a great result. We saw specific interest in internships, but also in our apprenticeships."


Given the successful start this year, the Day of Open Apprenticdship will be held next year as well.




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