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Flottweg Finished 2018 With Record Sales and Order Intakes

Flottweg finished a successful 2018 with a record in sales and intake of orders. The Vilsbiburg company is also expecting a positive development of results this year.


The past year was a particularly eventful one for Flottweg SE. In Germany alone, four major trade fairs were held, a new inventory management system for internal administration was introduced, the groundbreaking ceremony for Plant 2 took place, and in October, the company organized a major celebration in honor of the 75thanniversary of the site.

In addition, 2018 was also a huge success for the company in terms of accounting. With almost 200 million euros, an increase of about 20 percent on the previous year, Flottweg achieved the biggest sales success in its history. The coming years are also looking promising. For example, the separation technology specialist is planning a further increase in sales of around 17 percent and an order intake of more than 250 million euros.


Flottweg continues to invest in the site

With more than 50 million euros, the new Plant 2 in Baumgartenstraße in Vilsbiburg represents the largest single investment in the company's history. In the long term, production capacity will be doubled there.

The staffing level will also be increased further. For 2019, Flottweg plans around 80 new hires.


Accolades for deserving employees

At the end of the year, the traditional Christmas party took place in Vilstalhalle with a Flottweg staff meeting. In addition to the reports of the four board members, long-standing and deserving employees were honored last year as well. Marianne Krecker, Stefan Kamp, Carsten Hampel, Kathleen Bäuerle, Erwin Radspieler, Robert Scheuerer and Markus Wortmann were all honored for 25 years of service. In addition, Flottweg thanked Alfred Hiermer and Lothar Fränkel for 40 years of loyalty.

Flottweg colleagues Barbara Hofer, Hans Murr, Franz Saxstetter and Hannelore Baumgartner retired with a warm round of applause. All have accompanied Flottweg for decades. Franz Wandinger had his last day of work in November 2018. He retired after more than 60 years of service.




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