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Flottweg Provides Donations to Vilsbiburg Institutions

On Thursday the 28th January, Flottweg's Fritz Colesan and Ulrike Bruno visited the Vilsbiburger Tafel and the Familienzentrum. But the Chairman of the Board and the Works Council member brought not only kind words, but a big surprise as well. Both the Vilsbiburger Tafel and the Familienzentrum were given a monetary donation of 2,500 € from Flottweg.


The raffle is one of the highlights of the Christmas party for <link internal-link>Flottweg Employees every year. This year, too, many employees bought tickets in the hope of winning one of the coveted prizes. The proceeds from ticket sales are one of the sources of the donation funds put together. And this isn't the first time. Right from the first Flottweg Raffle seven years ago, the proceeds have always been donated in full to regional projects.

Another source of funds is the proceeds from the sale of tools from the apprentice workshop. After the Vilsiburg company equipped its apprentice workshop with the lated machines and tools, some of the existing machines were sold. This generated another solid amount that went right into the donation pool. Flottweg then chipped in from its own accounts to round the sum up.

Simone Kappeler, a volunteer at the Vilsbiburger Tafel, was very happy with the donation. "In addition to our donated food items, we also regularly have to purchase some things. These include coffee, detergent, and school materials. We can certainly use this money very well." 35 volunteers now work at the Vilsbiburger Tafel.


The pleasure with the donation was also felt at the Familienzentrum.  They also have a very good idea of how to use the funds. "We are currently planning for our spring cleaning. We will have to replace some of our toys with new ones," reports Tanja Fellermaier. The Familienzentrum in Frontenhausener Strasse is an independent association with ten volunteer workers. While the children play together or are watched, parents can share time together or chat in the pleasant atmosphere.




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