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Mechatronics Students Visit Flottweg

On Thursday, September 10, 2015, a group of Bachelors students from Deggendorf College visited Flottweg in Vilsbiburg. The future mechatronics technicians learned a lot about the core competence of Flottweg, as well as Flottweg as an employer.


Technical colleges have always valued an education for their students that is as close to practice as possible. That's why the Practical Learning Week, or PLV for the German phrase, is firmly anchored in the schedule at Deggendorf College. This is when students in their sixth semester can get their first important look at the working world at a company. A group of young students visited Flottweg in Vilsbiburg on September 10, 2015 for just this reason.


The day started with a presentation of the company. This included an overview of <link internal-link>the faces of Flottweg as well as a presentation on <link internal-link>current trends at the company. Now well-informed, the students were then given a tour of Production. The students were quite enthusiastic about Flottweg employees' loving attention to detail. Of particular interest to the mechatronics majors was the Automation department, as well as Control Cabinet Fabrication.  "I found the tour very interesting. It's amazing the number of areas of daily life where Flottweg plays a role," remarked Sebastian Schanze at the end of the tour.

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