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Small Specialists for Strict Requirements at #ACHEMA

Appropriate to the theme of flexible production, Flottweg is presenting two of its latest machines at ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt. With the AC 1200 separator, Flottweg is starting a new product line of high-performance separators for small and mid-sized companies. The AC 1200 was exhibited as a skid solution. This allows its uncomplicated integration into existing processes, making it quick and flexible in application. #plugandplay


In parallel with this, Flottweg is also presenting the Z2E decanter centrifuge. Thanks to its compact design and Flottweg's usual excellent production, the Z2E handles key functions in many different areas of the <link internal-link>bio/chemical industry. But the smallest modular machine in the Z series doesn't fall short of the features of larger machines and can be customized to different requirements. So fluctuating production conditions and frequent product changes are easy for the Z2E. Ideal for small batches and quick cycles. #FlexProd


Both the AC 1200 separator and the Z2E decanter centrifuge, thanks to Flotttweg's own in-house programming, are outstandingly easy to integrate into existing overall processes. Fully automatic control and easy monitoring from a control room also make operation easy. #Industry40


What: ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt am Main

When: June 11 to 15, 2018

Where: Hall 5.0 / A86




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