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The new C-XI decanter series from Flottweg

During the development of the C-XI decanter series, Flottweg bundled its decades of experience in the dewatering of sludge and can now offer sewage treatment plants the option of saving even more. The less sewage sludge there is, the lower the costs of disposal and further treatment. Thus by far the greatest savings potential lies in the dewatering or thickening of sludge.

The increased-performance C-XI decanter series from Flottweg is designed to realize that potential. Improved thickening and dewatering performance allows the operators of sewage treatment plants achieve a higher dry substance in the processed sludge. That saves cold, hard cash when it comes to disposal and further processing.


The highlights of the new C-XI decanter series from Flottweg

Maximum solid conveyed
The optimized scroll pitch and improved geometry of the scroll body lead to a greater concentration of solids. The flow-optimized scroll body improves the guidance of the centrate away, leading to greater purity of the liquid phase. Back-contamination in the sewage treatment process is reduced.

Maximum G forces
For better dewatering performance, the maximum G force is increased by up to 15% in comparison with the conventional C series! Maximum power for the separation process.

Maximum force – the drive
High speeds and the associated forces require ongoing performance in the gearbox. The reliable Flottweg Simp Drive® drive is ready for anything, reacting automatically to different load conditions. Maximum force with the Flottweg C-XI series.

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