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Very Clever! Flottweg Scholarship Holders visit

A few days ago, 8 of the 10 scholarship holders of the German National Scholarship met for the first time, all of whom are supported by Flottweg SE and the Peter-Bruckmayer Foundation. The selected students met with their sponsors to get to know each other and to enjoy a tour through the production facility of Flottweg.


"For me, the German National Scholarship is a great recognition of my achievements so far. In addition, the financial support provided allows me to continue to focus on my studies. This is important to me, especially with respect to the module examination next semester," says Stefan Ettengruber as part of the meeting. The budding mechanical engineer at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology has been benefiting from the support of the German National Scholarship for a year.


<link internal-link>Flottweg has already been a supporter of the German National Scholarship for several years. Sponsors of this scholarship are willing to support students with € 150 per month. The government matches this total with another € 150. In 2016, 25,528 students were supported with a German National Scholarship. In addition to the academic achievements, commitment and voluntary activities were also included in the selection process.

In addition to the participation at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology, Flottweg also supports the programs of the German National Scholarship at the universities in Landshut and Weihenstephan-Tiesdorf. Flottweg offers 5 students the coveted scholarship every year. These include students from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, business administration, but also food technology and social work.


The goal of participation is clearly defined: "We want to excite highly qualified students about our company. To be able to succeed in international competition, we need excellently trained employees in all areas. The German National Scholarship gives us the opportunity to get in touch with these students at an early stage," explains Stephanie Moritz, employee in the personnel department at Flottweg SE.






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