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New Home for Flottweg Moscow

Flottweg Moscow celebrated the end of January by moving into a new home. After leaving their leased offices, they have purchased their own office complex in the city of Khimki (in the Moscow region). 


"It is unbelievable how quickly and professionally all the construction work went!" remarked Fritz Colesan, Chairman of the Board of Flottweg SE.

The properties houses not only the office building, but also a spacious workshop, a spare parts warehouse, and a modern research center with a laboratory. Customers can view the fleet of container-based mobile systems and get familiar with them. Another advantage of the new office complex is that it is near the Sheremetyevo Airport.


In spring, the neighboring areas will be landscaped with sod, flowers, and trees.

"In summer, we will hold an open-air party to celebrate this significant event properly!" promised Fritz Colesan at the shareholders' meeting, and wished our Russian colleagues all possible success in their new quarters, and a successful 2017.   

Although the tradition of a Bavarian summer festival was a new discovery for them, the Russian team is already familiar with the Bavarian saying "Dahoam is Dahoam" ("There's no place like home").


"Bright, modern offices, a spare parts warehouse, and a workshop – all that will let us approach our competition with more confidence and make us more attractive to Russian customers," enthused Pavel Sitnikow, Business Development Manager of the IMO (industrial waste & mineral oils) Department.


Team Flottweg Moscow thanks their German colleagues for their support in bringing this important construction project to a successful conclusion, and are looking forward to greeting guests at Flottweg Russia!