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Dräxlmaier wins Vilsbiburg Company Soccer Cup 2015

Three Flottweg teams battled for the trophy

On Saturday, July 4, 14 teams came together from companies in and around Vilsbiburg. Each had the objective of taking the trophy home. In sweltering temperatures, the final victor was Team Dräxlmaier 1, who had a great time celebrating their win. 


Flottweg crashes in the group phase


A group phase of two groups of seven teams each determined the participants in the semifinals. The Flottweg teams took on a rather minor role here, since all three starting teams from the centrifuge manufacturer were already eliminated by the strong competition in the preliminary round. The semifinals featured the team from Autohaus Ostermaier, Dräxlmaier (teams 1 and 2), and the Hiller team. The teams from Pöschl and Bulthaup also left the tournament early on. The teams from the banking sector (VR-Bank), on the other hand, were only eliminated just at the start of the semifinals. As outsiders the FC Internazionale team took the lead. The team, full of players from a total of five nations, appeared in the Company Soccer Cup for the first time, and put on a good show.  


Their two semifinal battles took very different routes. Dräxlmaier I had no real problems in the first semifinal against Hiller, and made it to the finals with ease at 2:0. The other game, between Ostermaier and Dräxlmaier II, went right down to the wire. Dräxlmaier II won the game with 5:4, leaving fans with all-Dräxlmaier finals. Hiller finally took second place with a last-minute victory against Ostermaier.


The cup finally went to team Dräxlmaier I, with a confident win in the finals against team Dräxlmaier II and a final score of 4:2. Top scorer Matthias Seidel from team Dräxlmaier I provided some beautiful goals to bring his team their victory.


Organizer Flottweg very satisfied with the outcome of the tournament


The Company Soccer Cup 2015 is a great opportunity to bring companies in and around Vilsbiburg together. The small-group tournament style means that even smaller companies have the opportunity to participate. Flottweg would like to take this opportunity to extend their warm thanks to TSV Vilsbiburg for their outstanding support, and to congratulate the winning team Dräxlmaier I. All the teams are looking forward to the next tournament, which will be organized in 2017 by tournament victor Dräxlmaier.