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Belt Presses And Systems For Juice Manufacture

Outstanding juice quality is the central success factor in manufacturing fruit juice (direct juice), concentrate and vegetable juice. The raw materials have got to be processed quickly, reliably and hygienically so that the valuable constituents will be retained during the extraction. It is equally important to achieve a high raw material yield with the lowest possible complexity in operation and maintenance.

The Flottweg belt press meets these challenges effortlessly. It processes the raw materials quickly and with the highest level of quality. At the same time, it maximises yield and minimises the amount of work required for operation and maintenance.

Systems And Solutions From A Single Supplier

Flottweg supplies complete processing lines for manufacturing fruit juice (direct juice), concentrate and vegetable juice:

  • Two-stage Flottweg belt presses with pomace extraction for increasing the yield and concentrate manufacture
  • Flottweg decanters for separating off the solids from the pulp or juice
  • Flottweg separators for post-clarification of the obtained juice

Your Advantages In Manufacturing Fruit Juice, Concentrate And Vegetable Juice With The Belt Press:

  • Achieving maximum yield of fruit juice, vegetable juice and direct juice by optimum juice extraction
  • Cost reduction in the entire juice manufacturing process
  • Improvement in juice quality
  • Reduction in the settleable solid content
  • Optimum clarification of the fruit juices, vegetable juices and direct juices
  • Efficient processing of fruit, fruit pulp and vegetables

Flottweg - Your Belt Press Manufacturer

Flottweg is your partner for belt presses. The beverage industry relies on our separation technology, because we know what is important in the production of belt presses. We offer you:

  • Many years of experience and relevant expertise in the use of belt presses in juice manufacture
  • High hygienic standards and the best product quality - Manufactured in Germany
  • Robust durability and a long service life of the machines
  • Ease of access, simple cleaning, operation and maintenance

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