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Fast, competence service for Flottweg Industrial Centrifuges.

Flottweg Service

Trained Flottweg employees with years of experience support solutions that are perfectly adapted to customer problems. The technicians and specialists in our Service department are at your side with helpful advice and effective action, any time, anywhere around the world.

Fast, Honest, and Competent - Flottweg Service

Service and customer service at Flottweg are known for their honesty, competence, and speed. These three words aren't just bullet points - they define our obligation to our customers.

The Goal of Flottweg Service

Our top goal at Flottweg is long-term customer loyalty, which can be seen from the satisfaction of our customers and is emphasized by our honesty in dealing with our customers. We also make it our goal to prepare customers thoroughly for any eventuality and practical situations. Flottweg also offers customers a number of additional services:

Flottweg Pre-Sales Service

  • Technical consulting and support
  • Installation
  • Project planning
  • Machine leasing service
  • Hotline and personal consultations
  • Workshops
  • Inventory analysis
  • History management

Flottweg After-Sales Service

  • 24/7 Service
  • Personal support
  • Telematics and remote maintenance
  • On-site repair service
  • Hotline and personal support
  • Retrofitting and upgrades
  • Maintenance and repair set

Maintenance, Service, and Prevention

Maintenance contracts with a variety of schedules (from monthly to three-year inspections) are used as a preventive measure to ensure the problem-free operation of decanter centrifuges, separators, and belt presses.

At a Glance: Flottweg Service and Its Advantages

  • Replacement part availability even after decades (30 years or more)
  • Flottweg Service staff are educated with apprenticeships, internal training, etc. and that lets Flottweg customers rely on evenly excellent service quality
  • Repairs by qualified Flottweg specialists and technicians
  • Lower replacement part prices than the competition
  • Experienced, well-trained staff is at your side
  • Increased process efficiency
  • Customer workshops and practically oriented training for Flottweg customers
  • Increased service life of machine/system
  • Minimum risk of downtime of machine/system

The Flottweg Service Centers for all foreign subsidiaries can be found under the Contact heading.


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