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Flottweg Plant 2: Growing and Thriving

Plant 2 is bustling with activity this year. Consider these numbers through the first months of 2019: More than 900 truckloads of soil have been moved, nearly 400 of the approximately 1,200 concrete mixer trips have been carried out and almost half of the 3,000 tons of structural steel have been used.


Groundbreaking began in May 2018 for the new plant at Baumgartenstrassee in Vilsbiburg, Germany. The new 807.293 ft² facility, built at a cost of 55.9 million USD, represents the single largest investment in our company's history.    


Much has happened in the year since the first shovel went into the ground. Construction teams continue to pour foundations, prefab concrete walls, and erect columns that will enable installation of the steel roof beams. Structural work on the heating system has already been completed. Under normal load, regenerative energy in the form of a pellet heating system will supply the new plant; at peak load, a gas heating system can be switched on, if needed.    

Work has also been completed on the sprinkler tanks for the facility’s fire protection system. Three basins, each with a capacity of 22,954.5 ft³ have also been concreted in the ground. The total extinguishing water quantity is equivalent to roughly 80% (131.2 ft) of an Olympic-size swimming pool (164 ft). 


The progress made on Plant 2 has been impressive given construction work had to be delayed seven (7) weeks at the end of 2018 due to heavy rainfall.  Last November and December, precipitation totals topped 3.68 gal/ft², making it impossible for heavy construction equipment to enter the site.  Adding gravel fill to the site enabled construction to restart.   

Ever since, construction work has not skipped a beat.  In November, the building (193,000 ft²) will be closed for additional interior work, with an official completion date set for the end of August 2020.  

Despite the seven-week delay caused by Mother Nature, Project Manager Stefan Koniger says he is pleased with the construction progress to date: "The weather toward the end of last year gave us some headaches, but we have since been able to catch up. I'd like to thank our partners and my colleagues for their hard work, which has helped us get back on schedule." 

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