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Beer Recovery
From Surplus Yeast

Beer Recovery From Surplus Yeast With The Sedicanter®

Beer recovery from surplus yeast after fermentation or storage is the optimum possibility for achieving a significant reduction in beer evaporation, for a more economical brewing process. Different quantities of lees or yeast arise in the brewing process depending on the size of the brewery.

Beer recovery generates a considerable potential for savings. With beer recovery from yeast, not only can you reduce your brewery wastewater significantly, you can also obtain two useful products: Valuable beer and high-quality yeast. The beer can be returned to the brewing process and the yeast can go on to further processing in the foodstuffs industry as a dietary supplement or animal feed.

The Unique Sedicanter® - Only From Flottweg

Flottweg offers the unique Sedicanter® for the beer recovery process from surplus yeast. This high-speed horizontal centrifuge combines the advantages of a decanter (continuous processing of the yeast, very high yeast concentration possible in the feed) with those of a separator (high beer clarification).

Only the Sedicanter® offers the combination of high centrifugal acceleration and continuous processing of the solid. As with the separator, the closed design reduces oxygen absorption. In addition to its high yield, the system is characterised by significantly lower investment and operating costs.

The beer recovered by the Sedicanter® is almost yeast-free (0.1 to 0.3 % by volume) and of perfect quality (oxygen absorption < 0.05 mg/l). This beer can be mixed directly with the green beer. These properties mean that the Flottweg Sedicanter® is an outstanding, economic solution for beer recovery from surplus yeast.

Advantages Of The Flottweg Sedicanter® For Beer Recovery From Surplus Yeast:

  • High beer clarification - the recovered beer is almost yeast-free
  • Optimum yield - even without adding additional brewing water
  • Closed process sequence to avoid oxygen absorption
  • Easy to integrate into existing production and CIP processes
  • Gentle processing of the beer
  • Compact yeast cake, high dry matter content (25 - 28 % by weight) and thus a higher beer yield
  • Continuous operating mode and continuous yeast outfeed

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