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Soy Milk Extraction

Decanters and belt presses play a central role in the industrial production of grain milk or soya milk. The patented Flottweg Sedicanter® has been specifically developed for processing fine and soft products such as yeast, bacteria and protein suspensions. It is outstandingly suited to the manufacture of soya milk.

The soya beans are shelled, wet-ground and extracted with hot water. The Sedicanter® separates the soya bean residues, also referred to as okara or soya pulp, from the soya milk. The okara can then be dewatered using the Flottweg belt press.

The process can be used in the production of grain milk, in particular with:

  • Soya milk
  • Rice milk
  • Oat milk

Flottweg Sedicanter® machines and belt presses contribute to the efficient manufacture of soya milk, and offer the highest possible quality in this process.

Flottweg Sedicanter® For Manufacturing Soy Milk

The Flottweg Sedicanter® achieves 2 to 4% drier okara during separation - compared to a standard decanter. This enormously increases the yield. The Sedicanter® achieves the highest possible separation degrees, meaning that the residual sediment in the soya milk is less than 0.5%. The okara is output continuously with a maximum dry matter substance. There is no longer any need for a separator.

Flottweg Belt Press For Drying Okara

The okara is pressed by several rolls in the belt press between two filter belts. This separates the free water from the okara. The redirection of the rolls provides additional shearing forces. This means the okara is comprehensively dewatered, and forms a solid cake. This saves energy costs during subsequent drying.

Your Advantages When Pproducing Soy Milk With The Sedicanter® And Belt Press:

  • 2 to 4% higher dry matter content in the okara compared to a standard decanter
  • High purity of the soya milk - residual sediment less than 0.5%
  • No clarifier separator required any longer
  • The machines can be used with maximum flexibility, and are easy to integrate
  • The hygienic design meets all the requirements of the foodstuffs industry, and all machines are fully compatible with CIP requirements
  • Fully equipped demonstration machines are at your disposal at any time
  • Cost saving by low energy consumption during drying of the okara

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